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​In Agricultural Fields

It is used to enrich the soil and increase its nutritional value. At the same time, pelit stores excess water with its water retention feature. If the moisture content of the soil decreases, the water stored in the perlite bonds is given back to the soil. It is especially used in the cultivation of seedlings and ornamental plants with this feature. Perlite is also used in grassy sports fields.

In the Industry Sector

It is used as a filter filtering tool in the food industry. Food products such as fruit juice and molasses are applied in perlite systems. It is also used as a filtering medium in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. It is also used as a filler in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Perlite is used as a filling material in pesticides, pesticides, fertilizers and cleaning powders. It is used in the production of pine and ceramics by mixing it with foundry sand. It is a very useful material in the industrial sector with its low permeability and fire resistance.


Perlite mineral is also widely used in the grinding process of jeans.

In the Construction Sector

Perlite is used as a mortar additive in the construction sector. In addition, thanks to its sound insulation feature, it provides a great advantage in the field of construction. It is preferred as a loose filling material with silicone for sound insulation in attics and wall cavities. It is used in perlite plasters. It is possible to come across perlite in pipe insulation and ceiling tiles.